Indivumed Celebrates 20th Anniversary


Since 2002, Indivumed has converted its unique biobank to an AI-backed data analytics platform for target discovery and drug development

Indivumed GmbH (“Indivumed”) today celebrated the company’s 20th anniversary milestone. Founded in Hamburg, Germany on April 5, 2002, Indivumed has rapidly expanded to become a leading innovator in the field of precision oncology.

Indivumed Celebrates 20th Anniversary

At its core, Indivumed was founded as a biobanking company and received recognition from the US National Cancer Institute as being the “golden standard of biobanking.” What was once a company of only five employees, Indivumed now has offices in multiple countries and clinical partners all over the world through which industry is partnering with Indivumed for target discovery and validation to find and accelerate the development of novel therapies.

“Twenty years ago, the idea for Indivumed came to me when I saw insufficiencies in the datasets available to research individualized cancer therapies. With that problem came a drive to solve it, launching Indivumed's journey towards revolutionizing cancer treatment by standardizing tissue quality according to highest scientific requirements. Indivumed has expanded exponentially, now hosting three divisions that operate together for the generation, characterization, and analysis of biologic samples from cancer patients,” said Prof. Dr. Hartmut Juhl, CEO and Founder of Indivumed. “It's been an honor to be a part of Indivumed's growth over the past twenty years, which would not have been possible without the help of Indivumed's incredibly valueable team. While we are proud of all that we have accomplished, we recognize that the journey is far from over. 2022 marks the beginning of a new era of IT-based innovation for Indivumed as we continue to drive advancements in precision oncology combining a powerful AI-backed data analytics and laboratory platform integrated in a global clinical network of excellence."

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