European Life Science Ecosystems

ELISE (Euro­pean LIfe Science Eco­systems) ad­dres­ses a socie­tal chal­lenge com­mon to Euro­pean re­gions: to pro­mote better health and life for all. This co­vers the need to im­prove health and well-being out­comes and pro­mote healthy and active age­ing, but also to pro­mote mar­ket growth, job cre­ation, EU com­petive­ness.

ELISE re­co­gnizes that com­plexity of relation­ships is rising be­tween dif­fe­rent ac­tors of life science inno­vation. There is a need of co­ordi­nating af­fords and needs not only re­search­ers them­sel­ves, but also pro­ducers, health pro­viders, con­su­mers and pub­lic bo­dies. Thus ELISE comes with the eco­system con­cept that cre­ates plat­form for co­oper­ation be­tween stake­holders of life science.

Life sciences are pro­mising fron­tier and with help of cur­rent ad­vance­ments in I.T. it is con­side­red to be next inno­vation wave. This is one of the reasons, why it was cho­sen as fo­cus of the pro­ject: re­search, eco­nomic and socie­tal po­ten­tial. Ho­wever, some con­straints hin­der Life Science po­ten­tial. These large­ly con­cer­ning diffi­culties in mar­ket ex­ploi­ta­tion; de­mand for ex­ten­sive human and tech­ni­cal re­sour­ces; and bio­ethical con­straints affec­ting pro­tec­tion of indi­vidu­als' rights and dig­nity.

ELISE part­ners from 7 re­gions be­lieve that the con­crete appli­cation of the Eco­system con­cept at re­gio­nal and inter­regional level can help to ad­dress these con­straints. An eco­system groups busi­ness, re­search­ers, cli­ni­cians and patients to trans­late dis­covery into clini­cal use for medi­cal inno­vation in health ser­vice that ulti­mate­ly im­proves health of the Euro­pean.

What will this project change?

Work­ing in the field of re­search and inno­vation is be­coming more and more com­plex. Vari­ous cross-sec­toral ex­per­tises are need­ed in or­der to pro­duce desi­rable out­come - push­ing fron­tier of know­ledge, de­velop­ment of new pro­ducts and ser­vices. More com­muni­cation is need­ed in whole inno­vation chain in or­der to identi­fy new op­por­tu­nities and possible part­ners. There have been many clus­ter­ing in­itia­ti­ves for past few years, but ELISE pro­ject be­lieves that more com­plex ap­proach is need­ed, where also policy ma­king bo­dies and so­cie­ty are in­vol­ved in the pro­cess.

ELISE will bring to­ge­ther re­le­vant stake­holders in the re­gions of part­ners in order to de­velop re­gional eco­system and at the end we will form multi­national eco­system.

ELISE re­co­gnised that policy ma­king bo­dies have very limi­ted know­ledge about clus­ter­ing and eco­systems thus making it hard to im­ple­ment. Each of the pro­ject mem­bers will com­muni­cate directly to policy mak­ing bo­dies to im­prove cur­rent sta­tus quo.