“FBÖ TransTechTrans” pilot phase ended – still vouchers to apply for


The pilot phase of the Swedish-Danish-German "FBÖ TransTechTrans” project has ended but Danish companies and research institutions within life sciences still have an opportunity to apply for a voucher of 2000-5000 EUR. Please contact Elias Zafirakos, Biopeople to apply for a voucher. Elias Zafirakos is Biopeople’s representative in the Swedish-Danish-German cross border initiative. 10 travel grants awardedDuring the 1.5 years' pilot phase the FBÖ TransTechTrans initiative has awarded 10 travel grants of €2000 to 5000 in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. These grants have enabled cross-border staff exchange in one to four weeks to initiate and develop collaborations on a broad range of R&D and innovation projects in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and life sciences. The prospects of the collaboration
On 5 May 2015 the initiative will hold a conference to end the pilot phase of the initiative and discuss how proceed based on the learnings from the last one and a half years. Up for discussions at the conference are how to develop a sustainable frame for
  • mutual understanding and knowledge sharing of the sub-regions in the respective neighboring countries
  • continuation of cross-border networking activities
  • an incentive structure to encourage companies to start a cross-border cooperation with partners from the neighboring Scandinavian sub-regions
In 2015, Biopeople is involved in the following cross-border activities:On 8 April 2015 the conference: Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science takes place in Medicon Village, Lund (in English). On 5 May 2015: FBÖ TransTechTrans conference to end the initiative's pilot phase and discuss how to make the learnings from the pilot phase operational. On 6 May 2015: Biotech & Medtech Partnering Mission, Lübeck. IHK zu Lübeck organizes this matchmaking event for the fourth time. IHK zu Lübeck, Life Science North, Biopeople and Medicon Village jointly invite German, Danish and Swedish participants. Related cross-border activity in 2015On 15 September 2015: Lübeck 2015 Summer Academy on Medical Technology. In 2015 the Summer Academy precedes the 49th annual meeting of the German Society for Bio-Medical Engineering (DGBMT, also taking place in Lübeck, from Sep. 16 to 18). The event will focus on the topic of "Regulatory Affairs" for medical devices. The funding organizations were Region Skåne, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and IHK zu Lübeck. Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology provided additional funding and Biopeople provided in-kind funding. For information and application for a voucher please contact Elias Zafirakos, ElZ@biopeople.ku.dk
FBÖ TransTechTrans - Concept
“FBÖ TransTechTrans” pilot phase ended – still vouchers to apply for

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