Evotec: strategic roadmap towards precision medicine


Confirmation of the goals of Action Plan 2025 at Capital Markets Day

Evotec SE presents at its virtual Capital Markets Day how artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning (“ML”) enabled precision technologies in discovery and development processes are driving up Probability of Success (“PoS”), i.e. an increasing rate of approvals in the long-run.

Evotec: strategic roadmap towards precision medicine

To leverage the power of molecular data, Evotec is launching E.MPD, the Company’s molecular patient database. E.MPD is one of the largest and highest quality molecular databases globally.

Evotec’s integrated technology platforms show that the best way to effectively treat disease is to identify underlying disease mechanisms and find the most suitable therapy on the basis of molecular data guiding all experimental processes towards early disease relevance. Therefore, data aggregation, integration, and the precise analysis of data is the critical path to effective and affordable medicine in the future.

With E.MPD, Evotec integrates another key offering into its data-driven R&D Autobahn to Cures. E.MPD will serve as the backbone for data-driven partnerships that will lead to innovative new medicines, better patient stratification, and potentially pave the way towards a new paradigm of more effective diagnostic and preventative healthcare. Through gathering and analysing patient-derived data in combination with AI/ML tools, Evotec is also able to better predict both safety and efficacy indicators in drug development.

At its virtual Capital Markets Day, Evotec gives an overview of its unique business strategy to become the world’s leading precision medicine platform for modality-agnostic development of innovative therapeutic approaches. Built on partnerships, this strategy leads the way for a large co-owned pipeline.

Highlights include:

  • Confirmation of Action Plan 2025 goals and progress update
  • AI/ML driven drug discovery and development process examples resulting in multiple new partnerships, including the initiation of multiple projects in the recently opened J.POD® manufacturing facility for modern biologics in Redmond, WA (USA)
  • Novel drug discovery platform and modality highlights (e.g. iPSC technologies, AI/ML driven safety prediction, integrated AI/ML driven drug design E.INVENT-AI, and RNA technologies)

Dr Werner Lanthaler, Chief Executive Officer of Evotec, commented: “We are pleased to present some highlights and breakthroughs of the scientific power of our proprietary platforms today. The potential of our high-tech R&D platforms is enormous, just at the beginning, and fundamental for a precise and affordable healthcare system of the future. Only by bringing up Probabilities of Success (“PoS”) we can massively impact the returns from R&D investments and make more precise medicine accessible to all patients.”

In order to ensure continuation of the growth witnessed in recent years, and to further accelerate data-driven development, Evotec is adding a new member to the Management Board. Starting as of 02 May 2022, Dr Matthias Evers, will serve as Chief Business Officer. Currently, Dr Evers is Senior Partner and global co-lead of R&D in Life Sciences at McKinsey & Company. Biochemist and bioinformatician by training, Matthias has developed innovation strategies for life science companies worldwide, built functional capabilities required for sustainable productivity gains in research and development, and driven collaboration across public and private partners in search of accelerated patient impact. As Chief Business Officer, Matthias will take on responsibility for business development, digital/technology, and strategy.

Dr Matthias Evers, Senior Partner at McKinsey, said: “I have spent my career as a scientist and consultant in life sciences on exploiting the confluence of biology, chemistry, and technology more broadly, i.e., data, AI/ML as well as automation. Evotec’s platform is uniquely positioned – like one can see in the iPSC space as one example – to capitalise on this opportunity as we enter a new era of science and disease understanding. After 20 years in impact consulting at McKinsey, I am thrilled to join the very strong Evotec team to grow its platform globally and realise its ultimate promise for patients.”

“As a proven thought leader of innovation in the field of AI/ML driven science, Matthias will make an important contribution with his expertise and experience to our network of partners,” added Dr Werner Lanthaler, Chief Executive Officer of Evotec. “On behalf of our whole Team and company, we very much look forward to working with Matthias and wish him a great start.”

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