Indivumed Announces Expansion


Indivumed GmbH (“Indivumed”) announced today the founding of Ix Therapeutics GmbH (“Ix Therapeutics”), a joint venture with Xlife Sciences AG (“Xlife Sciences”), which marks Indivumed’s expansion into target discovery and early cancer drug development. The collaboration opens up completely new possibilities for cancer treatment. Initially, Ix Therapeutics will work with Veraxa Biotech AG (“Veraxa”) to utilize their technology for rapid development of functional therapeutic antibodies, first focusing on colon and lung cancer.

Indivumed Announces Expansion

“Our unique IndivuType multi-omics database together with the AI-Advanced Data Analytics platform can discover and validate numerous novel targets, while simultaneously putting them in a comprehensive biological and clinical context. This unique capability significantly enhances the probability of success in the clinical phase of drug development,” said Prof. Dr. Hartmut Juhl, CEO and Founder of Indivumed. “By partnering with Xlife Sciences, and using Veraxa as a unique service provider, we are now able to fund the development of therapeutic antibodies against colorectal and lung cancer, which is a critical next step in realizing our vision of individualizing the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and delivering truly personalized medicine to patients.”

The IndivuType database is the only multi-omics cancer database world-wide that integrates comprehensive clinical data from thousands of patients with whole genome sequencing, transcriptomics, proteomics, and phosphoproteomics data obtained under identical, highly standardized conditions from each patient. The development of a proprietary AI- Advanced Data Analytics Platform has built extensive knowledge around cancer cohorts and even individual patients providing unique, deep insights into cancer biology.

Indivumed significantly expands its offerings with this joint venture. From advanced high-quality biobank products and laboratory services with IndivuServ, to the deepest oncology multi-omics database available today offering discovery services and knowledge building around targets and biomarker with IndivuType, Ix Therapeutics is an evolutionary step in the company’s history into drug development.

“We are fascinated by Indivumed’s database IndivuType and its target discovery power,” said Oliver R. Baumann, CEO of XLife Sciences. “The combination of Indivumed’s discovery capabilities and the antibody development technology from Veraxa will result, within a short period of time, in new therapeutic tools against cancer and we are proud to participate in this groundbreaking achievement.”

Indivumed will elaborate several novel targets which will be used exclusively by Ix Therapeutics for the development of functional therapeutic antibodies based on Veraxa’s Droplet Microfluidic technology.

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