UVENTIONS successfully closes financing round


The Hamburg start-up UVENTIONS, founded in October 2019, develops, produces and distributes smart solutions for disinfection and hygiene management in public areas. The system, which disinfects rooms with UV light, eliminates almost 100 percent of all infectious agents on surfaces and in the air.

UVENTIONS successfully closes financing round

In a first round of financing – until now the founders Daniel Ehlers, Axel Großklaus and Christian Wessel have taken the risk alone – UVENTIONS has brought a total of five investors on board: three companies and two private individuals. One of them is Dr. Thomas Ecker, health economist and management consultant focusing on manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices.

“We will primarily invest the new capital in the development of our products and the build-up of a sales team. We believe that we are well positioned to successfully launch our first solution on the market very soon,” says Ehlers. “We are pleased about the trust placed in us by the investors and see this as confirmation of our previous course. The fight against pathogens is important and is becoming increasingly urgent. The corona pandemic is a clear reminder of this at present”.

Capital, experience and network

One of the new investors is the IT security company PRESENSE Technologies. Its managing director Till Dörges says about the commitment: “We are convinced that UVENTIONS has a successful tool in the fight against viruses and germs. In contrast to antibiotics, for example, UV rays as a weapon are not blunt. UVENTIONS as well as PRESENSE consider it necessary to integrate individual security technologies into a holistic management process in order to achieve a sustainable improvement of the situation and to ensure the efficiency of resources used”.

For Axel Großklaus it is important that each of the investors UVENTIONS brings in additional value in addition to the capital: “This way we can draw on experience in product development and venture capital as well as network and contacts in the healthcare sector and scientific institutions. We will profit from this.”

UVENTIONS develops different variants of its solution. The first is nearing completion and will soon be available to users. “The new investors’ funds will also help us in this process,” says Daniel Ehlers.

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