Innovation network for bone healing
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Dr. Anna Eckers
Project Manager
P +49.431.9088-5828

Northopedics is an innovation-oriented competency network in the field of bone healing.  Changing conditions in the health care system, such as demographic change, rising cost pressures and solutions that are still awaited for existing medical problems are forcing new and innovative approaches. Bringing forward innovations secures and reinforces growth and employment.

Building on existing competencies in clinics, science and industry, the Northopedics project has established and expanded a cooperative innovation network within the Life Science North region. Northopedic bundles competencies and drives the research and development of new ideas, solutions, products, procedures and services in bone healing.

Focus and services

  • Identifying clinical needs and trends
  • Visualising existing competencies in the LSN cluster
  • Networking players from clinics, science and industry
  • Establishing cooperation (regional, national, international) and initiating joint projects
  • Transferring services, technologies, products and processes along common value chains
  • Integrating complementary sectors into the innovation process
  • Establishing the thematic focus on bone healing

Bundled competencies in the Northopedics Network-Guide

The "NORTHOPEDICS Network Guide" gives an overview of the diverse competencies of the network players. In the 74-page brochure, the players introduce themselves with in-depth profiles and contact details in the categories Trauma & orthopaedics, Materials & bone regeneration, Diagnostics & infections, Imaging, Biomechanics, Digitisation, and Data and innovation management. The Network Guide is available in digital and print form.