Networks & Partnerships


ACCESS & ACCELERATION - A German-Danish Innovation Network for Better Health Careare


Demographic trends, rising healthcare expenditures and unmet treatment needs are current challenges in Germany and Denmark. ACCESS & ACCELERATION will tackle these challenges by creating improved conditions for the development of innovative solutions in the field of healthcare technology. Companies, research institutions and health innovation clusters are working closely together to establish a German–Danish platform that will make it easier for companies to access universities, hospitals, clinical staff and patients, etc. so that they can develop, test and implement new innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.


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Antimik - Antimikrobielle Oberflächen und hygienische Beschichtungen


Within the ZIM competence network, effective support is to be provided for the important task, both within society and the economy, of protecting humans from infections and the results of infection.


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CellTom - Molekulare Zelltomografie zur verbesserten Krebschirurgie


The goal is to develop a medical imaging process for the rapid detection of tumours as well as to implement a cross-border service centre called VISION that will grant users (from across different sectors too) with access to high-tech imaging processes. A strategic network of academic institutions, hospitals and medical technology companies should also be established.


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FusoSan - Gesundheit aus dem Meer


An innovative value chain and innovation platform for the sustainable extraction of fucoidans from brown algae is the goal here. An innovative network in the field of maritime biotechnology should also be established.


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GRIPS - Grenzflächenanalytik in der Prozess- und Qualitätskontrolle


The network’s vision is to integrate innovative, affordable analytics into industrial manufacturing and processing operations across industries as an inline option but at least as an online option.


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HealthCAT - Health Care Assisting Technology


The aim is to develop a robot prototype to assume specific nursing station tasks. The work is being carried out in close collaboration with nursing homes/care facilities to ensure long-term safety and suitability for day-to-day use.


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InnoCan - Innovative High Technology Cancer Treatment


The goal is to improve the quality of cancer treatment. The project’s intention, among many other things, is to establish a test centre where new innovative solutions for the treatment of cancer can be provided and tested. Another objective is to establish a cross-border database. The project is focused on researching the treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, head and neck tumours, prostate cancer and metastases, as well as the treatment of cancer in the elderly.


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NorDigHealth - Novel Regional Digital Solutions for Improving Health


A close interdisciplinary association is working to create new technologies aimed at supporting both patients and healthcare professionals. Technologies that will allow certain diseases, such as cancer, to be promptly identified are to be developed in the area of research. The project’s objective is to also ensure that diseases can even be prevented in the best-case scenario.


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